Walltastic - Kids Wallpaper

What is Wall-Tastic™?

Wall-Tastic™ is the next generation of designer wallpaper for kids.

What is Wall-Tastic™ made of?

Wall-Tastic™ is made from coated I / G Greyback 120gsm poster paper.

How Many pieces does Wall-Tastic™ come in?

Wall-Tastic™ comes in 12 pieces.

What is the over all size of Wall-Tastic™?

Wall-Tastic™ measures 8ft x 10ft | 96” x 120” | 2438mm x 3048mm Approx

What is the size of each piece of Wall-Tastic™?

Each piece of Wall-Tastic™ measure 20” x 48” (508mm x 1219mm)Approx

How do you apply Wall-Tastic™?

Apply Wall-Tastic™ using Wallpaper paste.

What sort of wallpaper paste should you use?

You can use any kind of wallpaper paste.

Can you clean Wall-Tastic™?

When cleaning Wall-Tastic™ only use a damp cloth.

Is Wall-Tastic™ easy to put up?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the order of panel installation. Do not wait too long between installation of each panel or the panel designs will not line up correctly. The mural begins to dry and contract once on the wall, so be prepared to proceed with each panel until the job is done before taking a break. It is common for each panel of a wet mural to be 1.25cm larger than a dry mural. Carefully remove excess paste from the front of the mural using a soft cloth. Too much rubbing or cleaning will remove the ink from the paper.

Do you have to strip and prepare the wall before applying Wall-Tastic™?

No, you can put over existing wallpaper if you wish.

Is Wall-Tastic™ easy to take off?

It is the same as taking off wallpaper.

What happens if your wall is bigger than 10ft x 8ft?

If the wall is bigger we would suggest centralising the Wall-Tastic™.

What happens if your wall is smaller than 10ft x 8ft?

Wall-Tastic™ can be trimmed to size.
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