Radflek Radiator Reflectors - Reduce Heat Loss
Radflek Radiator Reflectors - Reduce Heat Loss

Radflek Radiator Reflectors - Reduce Heat Loss

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Radflek Radiator Reflectors - Reduce Heat Loss

Did you know that around 40% of a radiators heat is wasted on heating the wall?

We are all looking for ways of reducing our fuel bills and this for sure is one of the easiest ways to do this with instant results!

Radflek radiator reflectors are the most efficient radiator reflectors on the market and tests have shown that using Radflek radiator reflector sheets behind your radiators reduces heat transfer through walls. 95% of the wasted heat from the rear of your radiator is reflected back in the room. With 95% of that wasted heat being reflected back into the room you can turn down the thermostat which will in turn reduce your energy bill.

What is Radflek?

  • Radflek is the most efficient radiator reflector sheet on the market - Ofgem has ruled that Radflek is at least 23% more efficient than louvered or saw toothed radiator reflector panels.
  • Maintains its reflectivity for years - British Board of Agrement (BBA) certified to have a 60 year life.
  • Radflek comes in 3 pack sizes depending on number of radiators in the home
  • Radflek can be easily fitted in minutes
  • Each sheet of Radflek will save up to 83kWh of energy per year - an annual saving of £45.00 per 20 sheets at todays energy prices.
  • Radflek has been approved by Ofgem for use as a CERT product.
  • Each sheet measures 120cm x 60cm - 6 radiator pack - 3 sheets, 10 radiator pack - 5 sheets, 20 radiator pack - 10 sheets

How Does It Fit?

  • Measure distance between radiator wall brackets behind radiator and cut the Radflek sheet to size.
  • Fold sheet at top and slide clips (provided) over the fold.
  • Roll top of sheet around clips at least once to secure
  • Position and hang clips on wall brackets of radiator - trim bottom or roll further if required
  • Radflek cannot be seen once positioned

It really is that simple!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Geeknoel from York   5 Stars
Excellent product that really Does Work!! I cannot complain about the service and delivery times. I bought one pack on EBay and bought another here. So far our home is much warmer and the benefit of keeping each radiator warm for longer, is a bonus.

Reviewer: Naz from    4 Stars
Was relatively easy to cut to size and fit. It's only been on for a few days now but I can definitely tell it is working. In my sons room, where it is usually freezing, we have definitely noticed a difference. Not as big a difference as the product literature would suggests, but certainly more than adequate for the price.I would definitely recommend the product.

Reviewer: Martin Stevenson from    0 Stars
Easy to fit, and so far feels effective... time will tell.

Reviewer: Ian Frenz from    0 Stars
I used the Radfleck sheets on 9 radiators,sizes varied from quite large to medium. The material was easy to cut using a Stanley knife and suitable metal straight edged rulers,scissors are fine but I prefer the knife. I recomend buying some of the metallic sticky tape as it is excellent in joining any surplus material,with careful cutting one obtain a useful sized sheet. The product was exrtemely good value and most definitely did as advertised.

Reviewer: Bill from    5 Stars
This seems to be a really effective product. It has helped with warming up the conservatory. An absolute doddle to fit (even by someone who is not in to DIY!) Given the price, I think this is a great product to attempt to warm up your home whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

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