Pack Mate Space Saving Bags

Are Pack-Mate bags supplied ready for use?

Yes - simply remove the bag from its wrapping, select the right size for the job "pack, zip, roll (or vacuum), and go". If the air does not immediately expel from a roll bag on first use gently massage the valve between finger and thumb and you will have not further problem.

Are Pack-Mate bags reusable? Will they wear out?

Pack-Mate bags are made of triple laminated with bi-axial nylon. The ultra-tough construction is resistant to tears or punctures. There are no mechanical parts to wear out. Pack-Mate bags can be reused hundreds of times. Pack-Mate bags are guaranteed for 5 years.

Can I wash the Pack-Mate?

Yes, wash in mild detergent and line dry. If dust or sand gets in the valve, run water through the valve to remove any dirt.

Can food be stored in the bag?

This is not the intended use of the bag and we cannot recommend it

Can I keep my clothes wrinkle-free in the Pack-Mate?

Yes. When clothes are folded and placed neatly in the bag, they will compress neatly. You will discover for yourself many ways to prevent wrinkling the more you use the bag.

How long can I store my belongings in a Pack-Mate?

If you keep dust out of the valves, ensure that no sharp objects can puncture, and seal the zip completely, the Pack-Mate compression bag is designed to perfectly protect your possessions for many months. All bulky items should be taken out and shaken at least once a year before repacking to restore the loft.

Do I need a vacuum cleaner to remove air from the Pack-Mate Original Bags?

No, the Pack-Mate Original Bags are “pack, zip, roll and go”. They require no vacuum. You simply roll the air out of our exclusive, patented one-way valve to create up to 75% more space in your suitcase or backpack. The VacuSac range has a special valve for use with vacuum cleaners - which is necessary only for the most bulky of items.

Why is Pack-Mate the world’s leading compression bag?

The Pack-Mate patented one-way valves allow you to roll out all the air completely. Other manufacturers’ roll bags do not this - limiting the amount of air which can be rolled out. (If you roll out too much air, you risk blowing open the zipper) The Pack-Mate, with our patented one-way valve, allows you to remove all of the air from the bag, shrinking the bulk to greatly increase your packing space.

What is the best way to compress items in a Pack-Mate?

Simply fold the items to the approximate size of the bag. Place the items in the Pack-Mate. Seal the zip, using the easy close slider, and roll the trapped air out from the valve end of the bag. After one roll, turn the bag over and roll again. This method literally shrinks your bulky items by removing the air to triple the available packing space.

What is the difference between Pack-Mate Original and the Pack-Mate Outdoor/Sport bag?

Pack-Mate Original bags are made for use in luggage and home storage. They are durable, puncture resistant and reusable. The new Pack-Mate Outdoor/Sport bag is designed specifically for use in extreme conditions. Made from ultra-durable Nylo-Web mesh with permanent built-in locking sealer, these bags are virtually tear proof and ideal for the outdoor sportsperson. They are purpose-designed for rolling "in the field" even on rough surfaces

Do the Pack-Mate VacuSac bags require a vacuum?

Yes, our home storage bags require the use of any domestic vacuum hose attachment to remove the air and shrink the bulkiness from items.

How do I use the vacuum to remove the air?

Our space-making bags work with any vacuum hose nozzle. The easy to use directions are included with your order

Are Pack-Mate VacuSac bags reusable?

Yes, they are reusable. They are also airtight, waterproof and mildew resistant to protect your valuable possessions.

What is the difference between Household VacuSac and Container Stack&Vac?

Stack&Vac bags have a gusseted "box-bottom" which means they load from the top and compress down more or less into a cube shape. This means they are great for stacking in cupboards or for use in storage boxes. VacuSac bags are flat. They are designed to be loaded whilst lying on their side and they compress down into a flat package. This means they are great for putting under beds or on-top of wardrobes.
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