Ledon Light Bulbs FAQ's

Will LEDON Lightbulbs fit my light fittings?

Yes our bayonet (B22) cap fits the standard UK light fitting. If you have screw fittings please order bulbs with E27 caps.

What is LED?

Light Emitting Diodes are semi conductors or “computer chips” that emit a strong light when a current is applied.

Is the light quality different to CFL energy savers?

Yes, LEDS are similar to the traditional incandescent bulbs in that they emit light in the full visable light spectrum. CFLs do not cover the full spectrum and therefore produce odd colours and tones.

Do they need to warm up?

No, they give 100% light immediately.

What is the colour temperature?

This is a measure of the warmth of the light. Ledon bulbs give 2800K light which is a warm white.

What is the CRI (Colour Rendering Index)?

The CRI is a measure of how an object appears compared to when it is lit by a “perfect” light source (an incandescent bulb is rated as 100) Ledon bulbs are rated at more than 90. (70-80 is considered adequate for office and domestic lighting).

What is the life of a Ledon bulb?

At least 25,000 hours (25 years at 2.7 hours per day).

Will the light fade over time?

Unlike CFL bulbs which lose significant power over their lifetime Ledon LEDs lose very little over their 25000 hour life.

What are the running costs?

Based on electricity at 12.96 pence/kW/hr and using for 3 hours per day:

Ledon 40W £0.85 per year
Equiv. CFL (9W) £1.14 per year
40W incandescent £5.68 per year

What are the equivalent light outputs to the old incandescent bulbs?

Ledon 5W 25W
Ledon 6W 40W
Ledon 10W 60W

Do they contain Mercury?

No, Ledon bulbs do not contain Mercury or other harmful substances.

Do they emit UV (Ultra violet)?

Ledon bulbs do not emit harmful UV.

Do Ledon bulbs become hot?

No the glass bulb remains cool though the aluminium heat sink becomes warm.

Will frequent switching on/off reduce the life?


Can Ledon bulbs be dimmed?

Yes, but you must choose a dimmable model.

Can Ledon bulbs be used outdoors?

Provided the light fitting (housing) is weatherproof they can be used.

How do I dispose of old LED bulbs?

Treat them just like any electrical appliance and dispose of in acordance with WEEE guidelines.

What voltage is required?

Just the standard 230-240 Volt domestic voltage.

Are they vibration proof?


Are other shapes/styles available?

LEDON are constantly developing their range.

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