Most households are now using energy efficient bulbs but these are the CFL (compact fluorescent) type and we've all heard stories about how unpopular they are! So much so that many people are hoarding the old incandescent bulbs to avoid switching!

CFL energy savers give a strange, unnatural light (which for the technically minded is because they only emit a partial light spectrum). They take time to warm up and they also contain mercury, emit harmful UV radiation and sometimes even cause headaches and eyestrain in people who are sensitive to flicker.

Now we have the answer in the brand new range of high tech LED bulbs from LEDON Lamp GmbH. (part of the Zumtobel group, world leaders in LED technology)

What's more the two 10watt Non Dimmable bulbs are now Energy Saving Trust Recommended products, having undergone rigorous testing and these are the only 60watt equivalent LED bulbs in the world to be certified.

Still not sure? Then why not go to our Ledon LED lightbulbs FAQ to find out more!

Electricity costs comparison over 10 years*

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