RACOR is America's best selling garage storage and bike storage range brought to you in the UK.

Bike Racks

However tight the space to store your bikes, you are sure to find something in this range to suit. Need to get your bike off the ground and make use of that redundant ceiling space - try the bike hoist which will raise one bike to the ceiling with ease. Comes with a locking mechanism which prevents accidental release.

Garage Storage Systems

In this range we have a rack for every need. From golf racks, garden tool racks, ball racks, hose racks to the Heavy Lift system which is a 4ft X 4ft platform that allows you to load and lift without using a ladder, making use of that redundant ceiling space. Also available in the Racor range is the Inter Change garage storage system. The Inter Change system allows you to easily rotate items around the wall ensuring that items you need for the time of year are within easy reach.
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